Do I need to conduct a trademark search?

Yes. Conducting a trademark search can save you millions of dollars.
(1)A comprehensive trademark search will locate others using confusingly similar trademarks and prevent you from infringing on their rights.  
(2)A comprehensive trademark search can greatly decrease the risk you will receive a rejection from the CNIPA (which will result in loss of your registration filing fee). Before filing your trademark , it is important that you evaluate possible obstacles that may arise during the registration process, check if there is any prior identical or similar marks. The China Trademark Office will not register a trademark that is similar to a mark that is already registered.
(3)This decreased risk of receiving an office action in turn decreases the chances that you wasted your time during which your trademark was pending (which can be up to nine months).
As a result, a trademark search is vital in preventing the potential for you or your company to face expensive and unnecessary litigation.

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